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Davao City - The Next Destination

            The next venue for the 4th Mindanao Conference was set at Davao City—The City of Orchids. Ultimately, with the  success of the  preceding convention, the 2003 Conference is seen to surpass those in the past.

            The Davao City conference shall also be the Second Mindanao Congress of the united front, the Triskelion de Mindanao. The support we will be able to exert will be of great value. It is expected that after the consultation works on the provisions of the draft TdM constitution, the same shall be presented for adoption and enactment.

            It is therefore dreamed that the Davao Assembly will be the most memorable of them all for reasons that the formal installation of the Mindanao Triskelion Government shall then take place.

   In Butuan City, during the 3rd Mindanao Conference, the ground  breaking ceremonies for the construction of the TdM was initiated. In Davao City, the first layer of the brick will be laid. The matter of turning the clock round and round  in the countdown to the 4th  Mindanao  Conference and the 2nd Triskelion de Mindanao  Congress, is in our hands. Let us make things happen!

Mindanao State University Chapter Celebrates Anniversary

            Last October 27th, the Mindanao State University Chapter celebrated its Silver Anniversary. MSU Chapter was organized in 1977. Since then, Mindanao’s Mother Chapter although getting older is far more getting stronger.

            Led by its organizers, among them   Engr. Sirad “Jerry” Laut, MDG, MSU Chapter came in full force to the 3rd Mindanao Conference at the Royal Plaza Hotel in  Butuan City. MSU shared their precious moments with brothers and sisters Triskelions all over Mindanao. The Chapter was instrumental in convening Mindanao Triskelions in the midst of recent commotions in the national leadership of the Tau Gamma Phi  Fraternity. Our Mother Chapter took the first initiative to pool together all Mindanao leaders to examine and  sum-up our experiences and come up with a concrete solution for the betterment of the Triskelion family in the Land of Promise.

            Food and drinks flowed as the celebration went on to the dawning of the Triskelion de Mindanao.

The Governor General is a Lady Triskelion

            A lot of resistance were hurled against her reign. All of them emanating from   outside Mindanao. THE GOVERNOR     GENERAL IS A LADY Triskelion!

            The 3rd Mindanao Conference tackled this very sensitive issue. After proper          consultations with the Surigao del Norte brothers and sisters, the Mindanao    leaders unanimously came up with an all out support to Sis Annielyn Conales, MDG, Governor General of the Surigao del Norte Provincial Triskelion Council.

            The Triskelion de Mindanao united front government firmly believes in the equality of human beings and  in the    furtherance of Women’s liberation. It advocates and strongly supports Women’s Rights. The united front acknowledges the vital role of the Tau Gamma Sigma Sorority in Mindanao’s development.

            Sis Annielyn, SNPTC Governor General, advanced in miles for the Triskelion cause. Surigao del Norte experienced an insurmountable boom since its birth under the tutelage of this Lady Triskelion. The TdM   declares its unwavering support to all Lady Triskelions of her kind and forever will cherish their achievements.



 TAO launches Triskelion Education!

            The Triskelion Alumni   Organization now takes a lead role in the development of the Triskelion Grand Fraternity and Sorority in the Island of  Mindanao.

            It launched its maiden project, the Triskelion Education, during the 3rd  Mindanao Conference in Butuan City.

   The Triskelion Education dwelled in the Methods of Thinking and Methods of Work, and in the, Correct Handling of Contradictions Among Triskelions. The TAO finds it necessary to arm every Triskelion with the essential tool of analysis in order to be effective and efficient in running their respective chapters. The  workshop proved to be           a success. Mindanao Triskelions became objective in arriving at a tangible analysis of the tangible condition in solving internal problems thus, the united front’s birth.    

“The clock is in our hands… lest us make things happen”

Mindanao’s Mother Chapter- “Getting Older, Getting Stronger”


“We firmly believe in the equality of human beings; we advocate and strongly support WOMEN’S RIGHTS…...
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